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AddFreeStats is a free award winning web analytics tool that enables people to track and analyze website traffic data. Using AddFreeStats, webmaster can understand their visitors behavior and can work to improve their website. AddFreeStats Analytics is made to integrate and work perfectly with your Doyourownsite or website.

AddFreestats tracking code for faster loading times

AddFreeStats uses asynchronous loading for his tracking code. This means that the code pasted into your webiste is executed without interrupting the loading and rendering of your website pages.

Install AddFreeStats on your Doyourownsite or website

Integration of Addfreeestats tool to your Doyourownsite/ website is easy and takes no time to make it fully working.

Below is a step by step guide to install the analytics tool and start tracking the website traffic;

1) Start by creating an account at The account creation is simple and takes no time.
2) Copy the Addfreestats JavaScript code that is found in your account.
3) After copying the JavaScript code, log in to your Doyourownsite account and select "Site Content" from the top of the page.

website analytics

4) After this you should click on "HTML fragments" on the left of the page and then click "Add New HTML Fragment".

website analytics

5) A description box should appear where you will be required to paste the copied JavaScript code. After pasting the Addfreestats code, finish by clicking on "Save".

website analytics

6) The next step is to integrate the Addfreestats code to every page. Click on "Site content" on top of the page and select "Edit page" which is represented by the pencil icon besides the page which you want to add the Addfreestats code. (To add to every page, repeat the steps to every other page that the tool should be added to.)
7) After selecting the page to be edited, you should click on the HTML icon above the site content. This opens up a window where you should select the Addfreestats fragment and then click OK.

website analytics

View your Doyourownsite/ web stats

The AddFreeStats tool is now live. You can access the site analysis by clicking on the button placed on the site. In another way is to log in on your AddFreeStats account. We will able change the settings and options to get more specific analysis.

By AFS Website Analytics.

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