Yahoo store free website statistics

Yahoo free web stats

Measure and Analyze your Yahoo online store traffic

AddFreeStatsw measures and analyses your Yahoo online store traffic in real time. How people found your website? What they are doing on your pages? AddFreeStats provides free website statistics that answer to all those questions. With AddFreeStats analytics you will able to monitor your visitor activity and track their behavior on your Yahoo online store.

Speed up your Yahoo online store load time

Speed is a critical for user experience! AddFreeStats tracking code uses the JavaScript asynchronous technology. It means that your website pages load faster.

Install AddFreeStats on your Yahoo online store

Here is a five minute guide on how to install and get started with Addfreestats on your Yahoo online store.

1) First of all you will need to open a free account on AddFreeStats website. The sign up is simple and should take a few moments to complete.
2) Next you will need to copy the unique tracking code provided by AddFreeStats.
3) Next you will need to log into your Yahoo small business account as usual.
4) On your admin page, click on the link labeled "Store Control Panel".
5) Next go to "Edit" heading and then click on the "store editor" link.
6) On top of the page that opens, click on "Variables".
7) Select the place where you would like the Addfreestats code to appear. In our case we will choose "Html-below-left-nav" field and paste the code. To save the changes, click on the update button on top of the window.
8) Finally to make the changes live and the tracking code active, click on the "publish" link on top of the page.

The installation of the AddFreeStats tool on your yahoo site is done and should now start tracking and keeping records of the traffic statistics.

How to view your yahoo store statistics

View your statistics by login on AddFreeStats website. You get access to detailed traffic reports of your Yahoo online store.

By AFS Website Analytics.

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