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Build a more efficient and profitable website.
All-in-one: metrics, user behavior analysis, SEO.
Real-time analytics and reporting.
Track and understand what people are doing.
Detailed visitor profile and history.
Optimize your website ranking (SEO).
Recovers "Not Provided" Keywords.
Improve your marketing campaigns efficiency.
Ecommerce, see why visitors convert, or not.
Get automated PDF analytics reports.
WordPress plugin with automatic login.

AFS Analytics - Web analytics

All-in-one: metrics, user behavior analysis, and SEO tool. AFS Analytics provides one of the best real-time web analytics services using the latest technologies. And it's free!

Get priceless information about your website audience! Analyze your visitor behavior and understand how to improve your website content. AFS Analytics offers you two real-time reports continuously updated. The dashboard displays your website metrics on a single page. The “Right now” report allows you to monitor the current activity: see how many visitors are on your website at the moment and what they are doing. If you need installation service, please contact DataSense.

AFS Website Analytics is a great alternative to Google Analytics.

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AddFreeStats Dashboard - Real-Time Web Analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics Reporting.

    With LiveDisplay technology, AFS Analytics offers a real-time web analytics reporting tool. Your website data is tracked immediately and the reports continuously updated. AFS Analytics provides everything you need, including a rich user interface and powerful tracking system.

  • Detailed visitor profile

    For each visitor, a unique identifier is created giving you access to their personalized profile: first referrer, keywords, referral marketing campaign, ecommerce orders, behavior, history of visits, etc. With the data exchanged with your website database, the profile will display their name, address, phone, e-mail. Via our API, get the visitor's data by using their unique ID.

  • Event Tracking

    AFS Analytics tracks all visitor interactions: clicks, videos, downloads, windows, time spent to fill forms, navigation, etc. Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. Tracking by "dataset" or automatically with the "AutoTrack" option. Alert event reports hidden bugs.

  • Easy to Use

    With our innovative real-time dashboard, all website metrics are displayed on a single page. The toolbar is intuitive and offers user-friendly features such as zoom, scroll, menu, etc. You can customize your dashboard by changing the boxes locations.

  • Ecommerce Analytics

    AFS analyzes and measures the performance and success of your ecommerce website. The dashboard shows real-time sales as well as details of the products sold. You can monitor the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns and access to the buyer's profile and advanced useful metrics.

Advanced Technologies!

Join Today and discover the benefits of newest and powerful technologies used by AFS Analytics™ Real-Time Web Analytics.

  • Track your Marketing Campaigns

    AFS Analytics automatically detects visitors from advertising campaigns using UTM parameters. AFS also measures the cost, ROI and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. A URL Marketing campaign builder is available

  • Quick and easy installation

    The Javascript tracking snippet and the analytics.js library developed by AFS Analytics use the same features and commands as those provided by Google Analytics. Developers accustomed to GA already possess all the necessary skills to proceed with the installation. Guides are available for quick learning. For WordPress sites, A plugin is available: WordPress Analytics

  • Ultimate Performance.

    AFS Analytics has been built to deliver ultimate performance. The latest technologies were used including HTML5, JQuery , AJAX and cloud system.
    AFS Web Analytics is hosted on powerful servers such as IBM and DELL designed for high reliability as well as performance.

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AFS Analytics uses LiveDisplay Tachnology