1&1 free website stats

1&1 website stats

Real-time web stats for your 1&1 Website

AddFreeStats Analytic provides free real time web stats for 1&1 Website. AddFreeStats lets you measure and monitor your website traffic for free. AddFreeStats Analytics is well designed with the aim of providing the most accurate and detailed traffic informations. Integration of the tool into 1&1 site builder is simpler than any other tool web analytics tool available.

If you have been in search of a top premium web traffic analytic tool for your 1&1 website, look no more.

Speed Up your 1&1 Website load times

AddFreeStats analytic uses the new “asynchronous JavaScript” technology for his tracking code. This technology will improve your website's load times.

Install AddFreeStats on your 1&1 Website

Here is a five minute installation guide on how to integrate and get started with Addfreestats on 1&1 websites.

1) First of all you will need to get started by signing up at AddFreeStats where you get access to a unique tracking code for your website.
2) Next you will need to copy the code onto your clipboard.
3) Now log into your 1&1 website builder account with your username and password as you do it normally

1&1 web stats

4) Now click on the content tab on the top navigation bar in your admin dashboard.

1&1 measure your website traffic

5) On clicking the content tab, a new drop down menu should appear where you should select the type of content you want to work with on the site. On the drop down menu, you should select “Edit content” to work on the content of the pages.

get free web stats on your 1&1 website

6) A new page editor should appear where you should click on the HTML icon on the top menu bar. The icon appears beside the “Extras” button.

get free web stats on your 1&1 website

7) Now a new pop up box will appear which has a HTML box. Paste the JavaScript code that you obtained from your Addfreestats account into this HTML box and then click on save changes to finish. The installation for the page is now done and should be repeated on every page.

View your 1&1 Website Stats

AddFreeStats Analytic is now fully integrated into your 1&1 website. To see your website stats, click on the button that appears on your site pages or log into your AddFreeStats account.

By AFS Website Analytics.

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