Manage website trackers

AddFreeStats gives you the possibility to track your entire website pages. AddFreeStats is able to create several thousand trackers per website.

The trackers are created automatically by AddFreeStats. By default, AddFreeStats will use the first 100 characters inserted between the <TITLE> </TITLE> of your page to set the tracker name. If you have no <TITLE> tags or your pages, you can set the tracker name directly into the AFS code by filling the "DetectName" string by the name of your page.

How to create a new tracker

If you need to create a tracker with a different name of your website page title, just replace the string “DetectName” by the name your want. Be sure to leave the quotes around the string.

For Example : var AFS_Page="Index Page";

For changing the URL, you need to replace the string "DetectUrl" in the line var AFS_Url="DetectUrl"; with the desired URL. Be sure to leave the quotes around the URL.

For Example : var AFS_Url="";

How to get the tracker code

To get the tracker code, click the button “code”. Copy and paste the html code into your website page.

How to change the tracker name or URL

Click the button “edit”.

How to delete the tracker

Click the “trash” icon.

By AFS Website Analytics.

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