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Measure your blog traffic with AddFreeStats

Want to know how many visits your blog gets, and what pages are most popular. AddFreeStats Analytics provides free statistics on your blog's web site traffic. AddFreeStats analytics works perfectly on blogger sites and tracks every visitor.

Reduce Loading Time of Your Blog

With the asynchronous technology used by the tracking code, the load time of your website will be reduced to a minimum and you will get most accurate Blog traffic Statistics.

Install Addfreestats to your blogger site

Below are step by step guides on how you can easily integrate Addfreestats tool into your blogger blog within two minutes.

1) First you need to create a free account on You will get a unique tracking code for your website.
2) Before you start the installation procedure, you need to make sure that you are logged into your blogger account to access your blogs.
3) Select "Layout" from the dropdown icon as shown in the screenshot below.

AddFreeStats on Blogger

4) After selecting "Layout" from as shown above, a new page should open where you need to select a place to add the gadget.
You should select where you would like to place the tracker button on to your site.

Blogger traffic Analytics

5) After selection on the place to add your new Addfreestats gadget, a new pop up should now appear prompting you to choose the type of gadget to be added.
6) Addfreestats gadget is in a JavaScript format; therefore you should choose the "HTML/JavaScript” gadget as shown below.

Blogger web Stats

7) After clicking on the gadget, the window opens up an editable region where you are required to paste the HTML code provided by Addfreestats. Paste the Addfreestats tracking code and push the button "save".

Blogger traffic stats

how to access on your wordpress blog stats

The tracking is now live and the web statistics can be easily accessed from the snippet that has been placed on your site. Another way to access statistics is by logging into the AddFreeStats Analytics account where you can change your account options and get more advanced analytics. To also boost your website visibility Addfreestats has a directory that allows its members to submit their site and boost the site rankings.

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