iWeb Free Website Statistics

iweb free website stats

Measure your iWeb site traffic with AddFreeStats

AddFreeStats Analytics offers the most advanced tool to track and measure your iWeb site traffic and visitors activities.

Easy to install on your iWeb site, AddFreeStats uses the latest available technology in its asynchronous tracking code.

Install AddFreeStats analytics to your iWeb site

Below is an easy five minute installation guide to take you through the integration process.

1) First of all you need to create an account at Addfreestats.com which is very easy and straightforward. This will allow you to get a tracking code for your website.
2) Copy the unique tracking code JavaScript from your AddFreeStats account.
3) Next log into your iWeb account with your username and password and click on "Show Media".
4) Next you should click on the "widgets" tab on the menu bar.
5) Click on the HTML icon and drag it to where you want Addfreestats to appear. When you release the icon on the specified location, a HTML text box will appear.
6) Next you should paste the AddFreeStats JavaScript tracking code that you got from your account and then click on "Apply" to save it.
7) To finish the whole process simply click on the "X" button on the top left corner to close.

After this, AddFreeStats tracker has been installed on your iWeb site and should start recording your website traffic.

View your iWeb site Statistics

If you choose to allow the Addfreestats button on your iWeb site, you can access to the statistics reports at anytime by clicking on the icon.

In another way, to get detailed website traffic statistics, you should log into your AddFreeStats account

AddFreeStats offers some great tools for your iWeb site

Inlive is a real-time counter displaying the visitors currently present on your iweb site.
AFS Counter displays the number of people who visited your web site.

By AFS Website Analytics.

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