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Tumblr web stats

Measure and analyze Tumblr blog traffic

AddFreeStats web analytics tool provides free website statistics and help you to gain more readers on your Tumblr blog. Who visit your blog? What people read on your blog? How they found your blog? Analytic data provided by AddFreeStats answer to those questions! AddFreeStats is a powerful tool for analyzing and tracking reader behavior.

Make your Tumblr blog load faster

The speed at which your blog loads is critical to attracting more visitors, AddFreeStats tracking code use asynchronous JavaScript technology. This technology boosts Tumblr blog load times.

Install AddFreeStats on your Tumblr blog

Below is an easy step by step guide on how to install AddFreeStats tracking code on your Tumblr blog:

1) First you need to create an account on AddFreeStats.
2) Then you need to copy the unique tracking code provided by AddFreeStats.
3) Next you should log into your Tumblr blog and then click on the site name that you want to install AddFreeStats on.

Tumblr traffic analyzer tool

4) Next, click on "customize" beside the dashboard tab on top.

Tumblr traffic analyzer tool

5) After that, a new window opens and you should go to the tab labeled "Edit HTML".

Tumblr traffic analyzer tool

6) Now scroll down the code to the point where the body tag ends. You should paste the copied JavaScript code from your account here before the closing body tags "</body>".
7) To save the updates done to the code, click on "update preview" tab that is on the top right of the page then click on "Save".

Tumblr traffic analyzer tool

8) To finish the integration click on "Appearance" and then "Close". The Addfreestats is that easy to install on your Tumblr blog and should just take less than five minutes. After this AddFreeStats will now start functioning.

How to view your blog statistics

You can access the analysis by clicking on the AddFreeStats button that appears on your blog. To get more detailed analysis and traffic information, log into your AddFreeStats Analytics account.

By AFS Website Analytics.

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