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Measure and track your WordPress.com website traffic

AddFreeStats analytics monitors and tracks the website traffic of your Wordpress.com blog. You will know all about your website visitor behavior! How many people visit your blog? What they read, how they found your blog, where they come from, and much, much more.

Easy to use and install, AddFreeStats Analytics is the perfect provider of website statistics for your wordpress.com blog.

Speed up your wordpress.com load time

AddFreeStats offers asynchronous JavaScript tracking code snippet. This technology improves tracking accuracy and reduces dramatically your Blog’s loading time.

Install AddFreeStats on your wordpress.com blog

With this 5 minute installation guide, setting up AddFreeStats tracking code for the first time on your wordpress.com blog is simple.

1) First, you need to open an AddFreeStats account. It’s completely free and you will get in exchange a unique JavaScript tracking code for your blog.
2) Login to your wordpress.com account
3) Click on "My Blog" link or “My Dashboard" link in the top navigation bar

Wordpress.com free website statistics

4) After, click on the "change Appearance" link below your blog name.

Wordpress.com free website statistics

5) Click on "Widgets" in the left navigation bar

Wordpress.com free website statistics

6) In the section “Available widgets” , search the “Text” widget. You need to scroll the windows to find the option.

Wordpress.com free website statistics

7) Drag the text widget into a right sidebar.

Wordpress.com free website statistics

8) Paste the code into the text box and click on the "save" button.

Wordpress.com free website statistics

AddFreeStats tracking code now is installed on your blog and should start to track your visitors and monitor your blog traffic.

How to view your website statistics

To see your website stats, click on the AddFreeStats button displayed on your blog or login into your AddFreeStats account.

By AFS Website Analytics.

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