New Visitor


The number of Unique Visitors with activity including a first-ever Visit to a site during a reporting period.


Each individual is counted only once in the reporting period. A visitor can only be counted as a new visitor if it is the first time to your site. So, if a visitor comes to your Website for the first time on Monday, and returns on Wednesday, that is counted as a daily unique visitor on both days, but as a new visitor only on Monday. The new visitor metric, when compared with the return visitor metric, is helpful in determining the overall loyalty and affinity of visitors to the site being analyzed. Additionally, when segmented correctly, the new visitor behavior is especially helpful when compared to return visitor behavior in determining the difference, if any, between how new and presumably unfamiliar visitors utilize a website versus the usage habits of visitors that have some level of experience interacting with the site.

It is not possible for a Visitor be counted as both a New Visitor and Return Visitor in the same reporting period.

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