Landing Page


A page intended to identify the beginning of the user experience resulting from a defined marketing effort.


Landing pages are often optimized for specific keywords, audiences, or calls to action. Since they represent a touch point or an opportunity to present your message to the visitor, they have a particular importance in conveying information to motivate the visitor to become more engaged with the site.

A landing page is not necessarily an entry page although it could be. For many sites using search Ads, the visitor may return several times during a session. A useful metric may be number of landing pages per session which indicates the degree that visitors move on and off a website.

Typically Landing Page is used in on-line marketing channels to describe the call to action of an advertisement. Special parameters are sometimes used, alone or in combination with the referring URL, to identify the marketing channel or tactic responsible for the lead.

In some situations, it may be appropriate to limit landing pages to only those pages with an external referrer.

By AFS Website Analytics.

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