AFS Analytics login issues

What might cause the system to reject my username or password?

1. Username and password are case sensitive! which means capital and lower case letters have a different value.

2. Your browser must accept AFS Analytics cookies.
Verify the settings of your browser.

3. Your AFS cookies may be corrupted!
To remedy this problem delete your AFS cookies. To do this just Click here to delete your AFS Analytics cookies.

4. Use a modern browser!
Old browsers don't support the latest technologies used by AFS Analytics. Upgrade your browser!

5. Antivirus and AdBlocker Sofwares
With a wrong configuration, these programs can block the cookies stored on your computer.

6. Browsers plugins
Try to disable them, AFS Analytics doesn't work with some proxies or SEO plugins.

7. Cache issue
You may have cached an outdated AFS Analytics that includes code that blocks you from entering our system. To remedy this problem, please use a different browser, or clear your cache. Remember to close all browsers before accessing AFS again.

8.You forgot your username and/or password
Contact-us here and insert into your message website URL, and your name.

8.Debug report
A log report is available here. Join this report to your message.

A good idea Is to try to log in to AFS with an alternative browser or/and an another computer or device.

By AFS Website Analytics.

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