AFS Analytics Responsive Menu

The AFS Analytics main menu lets you access all AFS Analytics functions. This is a responsive menu, that is to say, it adapts its appearance according to the width of your screen.

Right now

This option displays the “right now” report. The “Right now” report allows you to monitor the current activity on your website. This report is refreshed continuously to get live data.


This is the main report. The dashboard displays your website metrics on a single page. You can select the date and the period of the report. The dashboard lets you view multiple statistics reports on the same page. Divided into different categories, the dashboard is refreshed continuously to get live data.

Quick Jump

This drop down menu lets you select predefined dashboard date ranges: Yesterday, this month, etc …


This drop down menu displays all reports about your visitors behavior: Listing of the visitors, Heat maps, Zombie traffic, AdBlock detection...


This drop down menu displays all statistics about your pages.


This drop down menu displays all reports about the sources of your traffic including search terms, Google search console and keywords monitoring.


This drop down menu displays SEO reports, and tools that analyzes your website page's speed performance.


This menu displays marketing reports, and a link to the "UTM Campaign URL Builder" tool.


This drop down menu lets you access to all options for managing your profile, accounts, websites, trackers and codes. Click on "This Website" submenu to get more options.


This drop down menu displays all your websites registered with AFS Analytics. Click on a website name to view its own dedicated dashboard. The option “Add New site” allows you to use AFS Analytics for adding and tracking a new website. The option “Transfer Website” allows you to import a website already tracked by AFS Analytics but attached to a different account.


This menu gives you access to documentation about AFS Analytics.


How to contact AFS Analytics team.

Minimize or Maximize

This button will minimize or maximize the menu.

Log out button

Click on Logout button to disconnect from AFS Analytics.

By AFS Website Analytics.

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