Visitors listing window

This report shows the list of the last visitors.

Note: To see the entire listing , you have to select the 'Advanced -> Last visitors' or 'All visitors" option in the main menu or click the "maximize" or "full-screen" button on the toolbar.

Search options and custom date range filter are available in advanced or full screen reports.

For each visit, this information is displayed:

  • Flag of the visitor country.
  • Date and time
  • Hostname or IP address of the visitor.
  • Referring URL (green).
  • Entry Page
  • Number of pages viewed by the visitor
  • Platform and Operating system.
  • Returning or new visitors. If returning, their last visit in number of days).
  • Exit link: Where your visitor go after he leaves your web site.
  • Google Adsense tracking link (for Adsense publisher): Your visitor clicked on the Adsense advertising text link.
  • Move your mouse pointer over the flag to know the Visitor City, State or Region and Country.

    Move your mouse pointer over the hostname or IP address to know the owner of the IP address.

    By clicking on the IP address or the hostname, all information about the IP address owner will be displayed in a new window.

    Move your mouse pointer over the picture to know the exit link URL.

    Move your mouse pointer over the picture to know the Adsense text link advertiser.

    Move your mouse pointer over the referring link to see the entire link. By clicking on it, you will go on the referring page.

    By clicking on the page views link you will get the entire profile of the visitor.

    By AFS Website Analytics

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