Wordpress Website Statistics without a plugin

Wordpress webs Stats without plugin

Measure and analyse your WordPress Website traffic without a plugin

AddFreeStats Analytics provides to WordPress blog owners free statistics in real-time on their traffic activity. How many people visit your blog? Who is visiting? Where they come from? What the most popular pages? AddFreeStats gives you answers to all those questions and much, much more…

The installation of the AddFreeStats tracking code on your Wordpress site is simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Speed Up your wordpress blog site

AddFreeStats uses the most advanced asynchronous JavaScript tracking code. It means that your blog pages show up faster

Install AddFreeStats without a Wordpress Plugin

To install the Addfreestats tracking code on your Wordpress blog , here is a step by step guide.

1) First you need to open an account on Addfreestats.com.
2) Next you need to log in to your Wordpress dashboard as usual.
3) On your dashboard find the “appearance” tab that is located on your left sidebar and hover on it. Now select “Editor” link from the options provided.

Wordpress traffic Analytics

4) A new editor should open up. Select “footer.php” link from the right sidebar as shown below. This should open the php file where you should paste the JavaScript code.

Wordpress traffic Analytics

5) Locate the line in the footer.php file and then paste the AddFreeStats tracking code after it.

Wordpress traffic Analytics

6) If you don’t find the previous line paste the code before “<?php... wp_footer(); ?>” or “</body>” line.

Wordpress traffic Analytics

7) After pasting the JavaScript code, you should save it now by clicking on the “update file” button that is on the left bottom of the page editor. Now the code has successfully been installed on your Wordpress site or blog and should now start tracking the traffic activity.

Wordpress traffic Analytics

It is important to note that this method of installation will require you to repeat the installation incase the theme of the website is changed; this is because the installation of the code is done into the footer.php file of the theme and not on the site.

How to view your wordpress blog statistics

To get access to your wordpress website statistics, click on the AddFreeStats button that appear on your blog or log into your AddFreeStats account.

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