AFS Analytics Version Changes

This page lists all changes in the latest release.

AFS Analytics V 2.95 - 1 April 2018

AFS Analytics V 2.93 - 1 March 2018

AFS Analytics V 2.92 - 1 February 2018

AFS Analytics V 2.91 - 1 December 2017

AFS Analytics V 2.90

Heatmaps to visualize where your visitors click: Heatmaps allow you to observe your the behavior of your users and where they are clicking. Immediately see what's working and what isn't. Learn more about Heatmaps visualize where your visitors click.

Get statistics on the use of ad blockers: Detect and fight ad-blockers with AFS Analytics. Ad Blockers statistics.

Zombie traffic statistics: What is Zombie website traffic and how to reduce it? Zombie traffic or inactive users.

AFS Analytics V 2.80

New tracking code: A new tracking code is available. More powerful, this tracking code gives access to the analytics.js librairy supporting new features.

Developer section has been added: A developer section containing developer guides has been added.

New guides:
Add analytics.js to your website
How does analytics.js work?
Creating trackers
Getting and Setting tracker data
Sending data to AFS Analytics
Page Tracking

Event Tracking added: Tracking events allows you to measure the interactions between the visitors and the pages of a website. This information reveals design flaws and allows to improve the user experience and their navigation. Event Tracking with AFS Analytics

AutoTrack feature added: Automatic event tracking with Autotrack.

Manage Marketing campaigns: AFS Analytics tracks UTM settings to analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns. UTM tracking

E-commerce tracking added:: How to implement e-commerce tracking.

AFS Version 2.60

  • New Advanced search terms detection: Search terms prediction using artificial intelligence. AFS Analytics developed an algorithm able to find in real-time the search terms used by each visitor. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the result becomes more accurate and powerful over time. The algorithm captures the data from your website but also from your “Google Search Console” account via an API.
  • Authorize AFS Analytics to access to your "Google search console" data. Edit your website info and authorize AFS Analytics to access to your "Google search console" data and see them on the AFS dashboard.

    AFS Version 2.50

  • Added Visitor history: long term information about website visitor's actions. In future, this feature should only be available with silver and gold plans.

  • Added "All visitors" report with multiple search options. (Menu Advanced - All visitors)
  • A unique ID is assigned for each visitor.
    Visitor profile now contains more information including first visit date, first entry page, first referrer, a shortcut to previous visit data, user agent...

  • Added "All pages" report with multiple search options. (Menu Advanced - All Pages)
  • Time spent and bounce rate information are now available per page.

    AFS Version 2.41

  • Added search options on last visitors report
  • Dashboard shortcut: click on the people icon.
  • Limit visitors search has been increased to the last 500 for the free plan, from past 6 Months for silver plan. Unlimited for gold plan.
  • Invisible button option now is limited to 20,000 Pages view per Month. When this limit is reached, a small AFS logo is displayed on your website page. You can select the button design displayed. At any time, you can increase this limit by upgrading to silver plan
  • Tracker URL now accepts characters in upper case.

    AFS Version 2.40

  • Added "Report Traffic per page":
  • Now see statistics and visitors per page: Advanced -> Traffic per page.
    Shortcut: Click on the volume of the pages displayed on the dashboard (content box).

  • Changes on Manage trackers page
  • "Create new tracker" option is available.
    Search options by name, url or tracker ID are available

  • Added "Manage PDF Reports feature"
  • Automatically receive PDF reports about your website traffic.
    This feature is only available with the premium Silver or Gold plans.

  • Added a new dashboard template
  • To try it: Account -> Edit user profile -> Dashboard template -> Grey;

  • Added Premium versions: Silver and Gold plans
  • See info here: pricing

  • Added "Manage Subscriptions"
  • Only for premium versions. Manage all your subscriptions on this page. Change your billing info, update your credit card, etc... Download your invoices.

    AFS Version 2.20

  • AddFreeStats now is AFS Analytics.
  • All data transfer between AFS servers and your browser now are encrypted and secured with SSL.
  • AFS Analytics now tracks SSL pages. We updated AFS, AFC, and Inlive Code.
  • New buttons designs with transparent effects are available.
  • User can easily see and select the button design.
  • AFS Version 2.14

  • Changed "import website" to "Website Transfer"
  • We updated the online Help
  • Invisible button bug fixed.
  • Visitors listing bug fixed.
  • Added back arrow on visitor profile window.
  • AFS Version 2.13

  • Statistics now are updated automatically after midnight. Before, the statistics were updated with the first visitor.
  • Added previous and next arrows in the pie chart. Use the arrows to navigate to a different pie chart.
  • Source Box: fixed the search engines links issue. Added a percentage showing the change before the current period and the previous period. eg (Day and Day -1)
  • Content Box: Added a percentage showing the change before the current period and the previous period. eg (Day and Day -1)
  • AFS Version 2.12

  • Added 'Access Keys feature.
  • A secret access key allows you to share your website analytics reports with colleagues, coworkers or business partners without credentials.
  • 'Filter by Cookie' function has been debugged.
  • AFS Version 2.11

  • AFS Analytics 'Online Help updated.
  • Added 'contact-us' page.
  • For those who are tracking more than 20 websites, we added the option "all websites" in the Website(s) drop down menu. This page displays all your websites (dashboard link) on the same page.
  • Fixed bugs in "Manage Websites" page.
  • AFS Version 2.10

  • Added 'full screen' icon on last visitors box.
  • Added Avanced Menu
  • Added 'Last Visitors' option into Advanced Menu. This option displays the last visitors listing in full screen.

    AFS Version 2.9

  • Login with facebook: Added on login box.
  • Login with google: Added on login box.
  • AFS Version 2.8

  • UTF8: Trackers name were displayed as undefined.
  • Fixed: Button -> When filter was activated, the AFS button was not displayed.
  • Fixed: Gauge -> Bad value was displayed sometimes.
  • Fixed: IE9 issue -> No data displayed.
  • Fixed: The first visitor referrer and page name were not recorded.

    AFS Version 2.7

  • Follow us: Facebook Google+ Twitter
  • Added Inlive and Free Counter design like Facebook button.
  • Added new design options for InLive and free counter.
  • Added Asynchronous technology for Inlive and Free counter
  • Log-size available for the latest 1000 visitors
  • Display Google search engine rankings for search terms
  • Entry page now is displayed.
  • Outbound links and adsense tracking clicks improved
  • Asynchronous tracking code released
  • Mobile, Smartphone, Tablet, Game Consoles detection.
  • Smartphone VS Computer report.
  • Search engine referrer shows up like: S.E.->Keywords
  • OS and browser databases updated.
  • Visitors on Map.
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